vintage dolls

Speaking of Dolls: Similar names, different faces

In the antique doll world, there are certain names that immediately pique your interest. Examples include the dolls produced by Bru, Jumeau, Schmitt, Steiner and Gebruder Heubach. But, the dolls from these firms can also cause much confusion, and, at times, much financial loss.

Speaking of Dolls: Is it time to get out?

In the antique world, you can find out a lot by just walking around and observing the activity at a show. The economy is on everyone’s lips and what the market – the antique market – is doing is a major part of every conversation.

Speaking of Dolls: Some dolls worth a second look

Recently I was asked to look at a collection of foreign dolls left to a daughter by her grandparents. The daughter had inherited all of the grandparents’ possessions and was overwhelmed. She needed some advice, “What should I toss and what should I try to sell?”

Speaking of Dolls: Few collectors pursue Fulper-made dolls

In 1814, Samuel Hill opened the doors of the Hill Pottery Company in Flemington, N.J. According to Robert C. Runge Jr. in his “Brief History of Fulper Pottery,” the company was originally formed to produce utilitarian pottery: pottery for everyday use, such as storage crocks and drain pipes.

Speaking of Dolls: Some dolls are worth the wait

A common complaint often voiced by doll collectors is, “Why did I buy this?” This is especially true of early acquisitions. When we start collecting, we often are tempted to buy anything and almost everything that has two arms and two legs. Hopefully, with research, reading, observation and networking with other...

Antique Trader gets facelift and a new resolve

Well, the time is finally here. Since 1957, Antique Trader has undergone considerable changes for its readers and its advertisers. Since founder Ed Babka first started the magazine as the first nation-wide method to trade antiques, we have been innovating year after year. For the last few months we’ve been hard...

Changing times call for a changed Antique Trader

Redesigning a magazine is a lot like planning a large holiday dinner: It takes a lot of planning, you want to serve up your favorites, offer something fresh and everyone should be comfortable. With a new era of the hobby upon us, collectors are looking for new ways to interact with...