Database Wars: Sales results are valuable assets

Organized and accessible data is at the core of many antiques and collectibles operations today, specifically auction houses. With that, selecting the right type of database for a businesses' needs requires examination and consideration, and Wayne Jordan has a few bits of advice.

Top antiques apps for your iPad or Android tablet

There are many mobile applications available for antique dealers and collectors. Before you search for apps that will serve you well in your hobby or business, Wayne Jordan says there are a few things you need to know. Although many exist, he lists two apps that have proven themselves useful in...

Antique whaling scrimshaw over at Antique Auction Forum

Martin Willis of Antique Auction Forum posted a valuable and fascinating article of his first-hand account of dealing in antique whaling scrimshaw. His blog is an excellent counterpart to his always expanding trove of 30-40 minute audio podcast interviews with the top names in antiques and collectibles. Martin writes: “For several...