Gunner’s in his Garage

   Because of my dad’s interest in old cars and courtesy of his subscription to Old Cars Weekly, I’ve been reading the automotive writings of John Gunnell since I was a kid. I met John during my first week of employment here at Krause Publications — he was gracious, made sure I knew where the free copies of the magazine were stored, and told me to help myself.

   I called my dad that night with one of those “you’re never gonna believe who I just met” stories that only come along once in a blue moon. When dad drove up here for the Iola Old Car Show that July, I introduced him to John — which dad thought was pretty cool, indeed.

   Actually, after a lifetime in the hobby, I’ve come to the conclusion that car people just love to hang out and talk cars with other car people. That’s what I did every time I ran into John — talked cars and car shows. And that’s what I’ll miss most about his “retiring” from Krause Publications last Friday. He’s not retiring from writing, thankgoodness, he’s actually embarking on the full-time freelance writing career we all dream of — John will get to spend his days working on cars, writing about cars, and in his words, “take the laptop outside on nice days and enjoy my backyard while I write.”

   Congratulations Gunner, I’ll see you at the car shows!