Peotone Swap Meet

   I didn’t think it was cold last Sunday morning until we started walking the outdoor portion of the swap meet sponsored by the Peotone Car Club. Brrrrrr!!! Needless to say, the outdoor vendors are hearty folks!

   We ran into a ton of car enthusiast friends, and stopped to get caught up with everyone. That’s half of the fun when you go to an early season swap meet — everybody is ready to put winter behind them and start enjoying the old cars hobby.

   Sorry if these picutres are out of focus, but I forgot my gloves and after a few minutes in that cold wind, my hands were shaking!



You get a little bit of everything at an early season show. Old cars and trucks are on display or for sale (top image), and there are always tons of parts to peruse. I didn’t need Mustang parts (bottom image), but I imagine someone arrived who did.