New London Farm Toy Show

   Warm weekend weather carries with it the promise of getting outside to wash my car – and I can’t wait. Weekly winter trips to the automated car wash are a fact of life here in the salt-spreading Midwest, where frigid … Read More +

Atlantique City This Weekend

   From coast to coast, there are a lot of shows happening this weekend. The amazing Atlantique City is happening in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and that’s a must-see show if you’re into antique anything! The aisles are packed with everything … Read More +

Beecher, IL Farm Toy Show

   The cure for cabin fever has to be a toy show. Hands down, there’s nothing better than walking and talking your way through a show to chase the winter blues away. And when you attend a show as well-established as … Read More +

Farm Toy Show in Beecher, IL

   The 23rd Annual Beecher FFA Toy & Craft Show is this Saturday, March 15. The show is held in the gymnasium of Beecher High School, in the town of (you guessed it) Beecher, Illinois. With a name like Beecher, you … Read More +

Plastic Show in Wheaton, IL

   Plastic collectors will gather in force at the DuPage Co. Fairgrounds this Sunday for the 51st Illinois Plastic Kit & Toy Show. If you’re into model kits, promotional cars, ’50s and ’60s plastic toys (yes, those former dimestore toys are … Read More +

Model Car Contest, Anyone?

   Okay, if farm toys aren’t your cup of tea this weekend, how about a model car contest and toy show? The Southwest Wisconsin Auto Club is hosting its 17th annual event this Sunday, Feb. 3, at the Baymont Inn & … Read More +

Central Wisconsin Farm Toy Show

   Based on the horrific weather lately, you might expect that I’d be snow-bound and downing unhealthy quantities of hot chocolate. Well, you’d be right about the hot chocolate, but there’s a small window of less horrific weather approaching this Sunday. Just … Read More +

Toyland News: St. Louis Toy Show

    My good friend Andy Tolch reminded me that his toy show, the St. Louis Antique & Vintage Toy Show is coming up this Sunday, November 11. It will be held at: Two Hearts Banquet Center4532 S. Lindbergh @ Gravois  … Read More +

National Farm Toy Show — Sunday

   Sunday at the Nationals began early — daylight savings time will do that to you. I headed out to the tents at 6:30, but there wasn’t much activity. Sunday mornings take a little while to get rolling. By 7am a … Read More +