Farm Toy Show in Beecher, IL

   The 23rd Annual Beecher FFA Toy & Craft Show is this Saturday, March 15. The show is held in the gymnasium of Beecher High School, in the town of (you guessed it) Beecher, Illinois. With a name like Beecher, you might think it’s one of the towns nestled along Lake Michigan’s shores, but it’s actually about 37 miles south of Chicago along the historic Rt. 1 (a.k.a. Rt. 394 today).


   I’ve attended this show with my dad in years past – we haven’t been to Beecher in a number of years – and was always pleased with the variety of toys present. Honestly, craft shows aren’t our thing, so we skip those tables and head straight for the toys. As I recall, a few pressed steel pieces made their way into dad’s collection via this show, and it’s a good lesson in keeping an open mind and an open eye when attending farm toy shows.


   The show is sponsored by the Beecher FFA and the Ag Advisory Council, and all proceeds go to Agriculture Scholarship – so you know your $3 admission fee and the money you spend on a hot dog for lunch are going to a worthy cause. (Heck, have two hot dogs!)


   Weather permitting, dad and I are headed down Il. Rte. 1 on Saturday, hope to see you there!


   Here’s the show info:

23rd Annual Beecher FFA Toy & Craft Show

Saturday, March 15, 2008

9am to 2pm

Beecher High School

538 Miller St, Beecher, IL 60401

Admission: $3 adults, $1 students

Sherrie Jepsen (708) 946-2266

Kelly Koehne (708) 417-8695

Pedal pull at noon.

Toy Auction at 2:15