National Farm Toy Show — Saturday

   Saturday at the Nationals begins in the pre-dawn hours. The outdoor vendors were up and active around 6:30am and yours truly was there for the freezing fun. A word of advice if you’re joining the early morning tent explorations: bring a good pair of gloves and wear them! Although the daily temperatures were to reach the mid-50s, the early morning was drenched in a deep frost and temps were only around 30.

   Outside, you’ll be amazed by the quantity and variety of pedal tractors and pedal cars, as well as the availability of pressed steel. Most vendors offer pressed steel, usually in a less than mint condition, but a few dealers had fine examples. Always fond of Tiny Tonkas, my first purchase of the day was a Hot Rod in its box. I also found a Hubley Kiddie Toy tractor that was well-played but completely intact for just $2. Picking up the cold tractor, I realized that I’d left my gloves back in the truck — big mistake.

   Back at Beckman High School, the 8 to 9am hour is for floor rights patrons and dealers. It was my first opportunity to walk around the dealer tables, and I enjoyed every minute. There are toys here that I’ve only seen pictured in my book, and every step was an education. I added the first Auburn Rubber toy to my collection as I strolled through the gymnasium and discovered a tractor with driver. You know the one where the driver’s head is tilted over to the left? It’s that one, in a nice orange color.

    Hallway 2 was busy the entire day, and I’d be willing to guess that the attendance for this year’s show is one of the best ever. I really never had another opportunity to leave the Toy Shop table and shop. Many thanks to the Toy Shop and Toy Cars & Models readers who stopped by the table –I enjoyed talking toys with you all. I must have, I was hoarse by the end of the day!!

   The Standard Catalog of Farm Toys 3rd Edition was very well-recieved, and several collectors who picked it up on Friday came back today to give the title a “thumbs up.” I’m looking forward to receiving feedback from readers around the country, so don’t be shy about contacting me.

   Tomorrow, the show wraps up and I’ll be sorry to see the weekend end. I only see most of these folks once a year, and I’ve enjoyed their company.

   Catch you tomorrow!