National Farm Toy Show — Sunday

   Sunday at the Nationals began early — daylight savings time will do that to you. I headed out to the tents at 6:30, but there wasn’t much activity. Sunday mornings take a little while to get rolling. By 7am a few tents were open and early bird buyers were ducking inside to avoid the chilly breezes — and yes, I remembered my gloves this time!

   I stopped by Glen’s tent as I did on Saturday, and noticed that several gorgeous pressed steel pieces had found new owners. He still had the wooden Buddy L fire station set with its two vehicles — it was in pristine condition and I’ve never seen one at all, let alone in that condition.

   Back at Beckman, I shopped for a while and discovered two more Hubley tractors that I couldn’t resist. When folks ask me what I collect, I must admit I’m tempted to say, “I collect whatever isn’t pictured in the latest edition of my book!” But those Hubleys are charming and I’m taking them to our photo studio tomorrow. I’ll have images up soon.

   The Sunday crowds in Hallway 2 aren’t in a fever pitch to discover every last toy on their wish lists, they socalize a bit more and take time to really enjoy the show. It’s a more relaxed feel, and I always ask people with bags stuffed with toys what they bought. One collector found a Dealer’s Edition 1:16-scale Ertl New Holland with triples that was so big, he admitted that he wasn’t sure where he was going to display it. He just had to have it, and we all understand that!

   Packing up at the end of the show was relatively painless, I sold quite a few boxes of books, which meant only a few trips back and forth to load the enormous Chevy Suburban I was driving. Yes, that was me in the white Suburban with the cover of the new edition taped to the back window!

   The extremely cool thing about packing up and driving away is the amount of waves and well-wishes for a safe trip home that you give and receive. I’ve never seen a show where all of the exhausted dealers take special time out to shake hands and wish you well and promise to see you next year — even the dealers that weren’t set up anywhere near your table. It’s just one more thing that makes this show a truly special event.

   I’ll have picutres soon. Mark your calendar for the first weekend in November and make plans to attend next year, you’ll be glad you did.

p.s. We called Dick C. and all is well — he just couln’t make the trip this year. But he’ll be back at the Smith-Miller table next year.