New London Farm Toy Show

   Warm weekend weather carries with it the promise of getting outside to wash my car – and I can’t wait. Weekly winter trips to the automated car wash are a fact of life here in the salt-spreading Midwest, where frigid temperatures halt any notions of drawing a soapy bucket of water, uncoiling the garden hose, and enjoying the task myself.


   Of course, all car-washing duties must be completed on Saturday, because on Sunday my spotless car and I are braving the Central Wisconsin backroads and venturing to New London for the annual farm toy show. It’s been several years since I attended this show, and I’m eager to meet the dealers and find some toys.


   Here’s the info:

New London FFA Alumni 12th Annual Farm Toy and Craft Show and Sale

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Crystal Falls Banquet Hall

1500 Handschke Dr.

Time: 9am to 3 pm

For more info call: (715) 752-4247


   Are you headed over to New London on Sunday? Click “Comments” below and let’s hear what’s on your farm toy “wish list.”