Plastic Show in Wheaton, IL

   Plastic collectors will gather in force at the DuPage Co. Fairgrounds this Sunday for the 51st Illinois Plastic Kit & Toy Show. If you’re into model kits, promotional cars, ’50s and ’60s plastic toys (yes, those former dimestore toys are collectible, folks!), and anything else plastic, this is the show for you.

   It’s a great place to find vintage kits and bins full of plastic parts for you kit bashers. This is one of those shows I grew up attending, and I have vivid memories of searching for (and finding) promos of 1960s Fords, especially those gorgeous 1965 Ford Galaxies.

   Here’s the show info:

51st Illinois Plastic Kit & Toy Show

DuPage Co. Fairgrounds

2015 W. Manchester Rd.

Wheaton, IL

Show hours: 9am – 3pm

Admission: $5


For more information contact:

Past-Time Hobbies Inc.

(630) 969-1847