Toyland News: St. Louis Toy Show

    My good friend Andy Tolch reminded me that his toy show, the St. Louis Antique & Vintage Toy Show is coming up this Sunday, November 11. It will be held at:

Two Hearts Banquet Center
4532 S. Lindbergh @ Gravois  STL, MO 63127
9 am to 3 pm = $ 3.00

For more information go to: 

or phone Andy at 314-503-5869

   This show is on my “gotta get there someday” list for sure. Besides the fact that I’m dying to see Andy’s legendary Metalcraft collection, the show focuses on vintage toys — new stuff isn’t allowed. Antique and vintage are the keywords for this show, and I’ve heard absolutely wonderful things about it for a good long time now.

   Andy let me know that dealers from 13 states are coming, and that all of his tables are sold out — sounds like this will be the event of the fall!

  If you’re attending, or have attended in the past, please hit “Comments” below and let us hear your St. Louis toy stories!