Ah, the ’80s!

   Pop culture will fondly remember 1986 as the year that several cartoon hero shows debuted and departed. Among them was Silverhawks, a space-cop show featuring humans enhanced with cyborg technology to withstand the rigors of patrolling space. The show featured many of the same voice actors already working on Thundercats, but never really caught on and only aired for the one season.


   Toys from the ’80s, even ones from cancelled television shows, are experiencing a surge in popularity as Gen X’ers reminisce at high school reunions then get nostalgic about the toys of their youth.


   So here’s a little treat for those of you stepping into your own ’80s time warp – it’s Buzz-Saw with Shredator from Kenner’s short-lived Silverhawks line. Brings back memories of pastel polo shirts, peg-rolled jeans, and spiked hair, doesn’t it?