Aurora Model Kits and Comics

  While reading the Forum over at Comics Buyer’s Guide, I came across a conversation regarding Aurora model kits from the 1960s and 1970s. It’s always fun when one interest (comics in this example) crosses over to encompass another interest (model kit building).

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   Craig Shutt, a.k.a. “Mr. Silver Age” has a fabulous collection of Aurora super hero kits that he built as a kid, so be sure to scroll down the page and check out the photo of them displayed on the shelf in his office.

   What are they worth? Built kits, whether they are figures or planes or cars, tend not to be worth much in terms of money. Unbuilt kits still sealed in their mint boxes are the ticket to financial fabulousness in this hobby. And the current edition of Toys & Prices just so happens to have an entire chapter devoted to model kits (popular characters, primarily).

Here are a few mint-in-package values for Aurora super hero kits:

Superman, 1963, $425
Superman, Comic Scenes 1974, $66
Batman, 1964, $275
Batman, Comic Scenes, 1974, $90
Captain America, 1966, $330
Captain America, Comic Scenes, 1974, $145
Hulk, 1966, $325
Hulk, Comic Scenes, 1974, $110
Robin, 1966, $165
Robin, Comic Scenes, 1974, $120
Wonder Woman, 1965, $575

   Did you build any Aurora kits as a kid? Click “Comments” below and let’s hear about your kits!