Comics Values Annual 2008

   Has it really been a week since my last post? I’ve completely lost track of the time, and with little wonder. Work continues on O’Brien’s Collecting Toys, but this week was largely devoted to another book I edit each year — Comics Values Annual.

   The 2008 edition promises to be another success, but the endless comics listed within aren’t even my favorite part of working on the book — though they certainly come close. My favorite part of working on this title is collaborating with artist Mark Sparacio (  on the original artwork for the book’s cover. This year, our assignment was Iron Man, and after just a few moments of discussing the last thirty years of Iron Man comics and the fine artists who have worked on the title, we knew that he’d be flying and we knew the exact pose to use. Sure, great minds think alike, but when comics fans think alike, the result is art.

   Check it out: