Cool Premiums!

   I spent part of today working on the Premiums chapter of O’Brien’s Collecting Toys. Though the book is devoted primarily to pre-World War II toys, many toys of the 1950s and early 1960s were based on characters and story ideas with their roots in the prewar period – so, of course I include them!


   Was looking at Captain Midnight premiums and marveling at the transitions the character made from radio to movie serials to television. Three major mediums in a decade is an amazing achievement – though I suppose it’s comparable to a movie property going to a television show and into video games today.


   What isn’t comparable is the quality of these premiums! Decoder badges were made of brass! The Secret Squadron New Official Code and Manual for 1948 looks like it could fool the worst of international despots threatening freedom. I think the coolest premium I ever got was the mail-away Han Solo in Stormtrooper Uniform with removable helmet from Kellogg’s in the mid-1990s. And I had to eat way too many boxes of sugary cereal to get him!


   What was the coolest premium you ever found in a cereal box or sent away for? Click “Comments” below and let’s hear about all those boxes of sugar-laden cereal you had to eat!