Danbury Mint Shirley Temple Doll

   I received a call yesterday from a woman who inherited a Danbury Mint Shirley Temple doll. She had two questions, and while the first wasn’t difficult, I’m asking all of you for help with the second.

   The Danbury Mint has been releasing Shirley Temple dolls for more than twenty years, so there are a wide variety to choose from. The caller’s first question was, “How much is it worth?” There are several references that include these dolls and a trip to her local library was all she’d need for an answer.

   The other question wasn’t so simple. The doll’s box also contained a 5 x 7″ autographed photo of Shirley Temple — but it appeared that the autograph was just part of the photo’s production. Her question: did the Danbury Mint release late 1980s Shirley Temple dolls with the photo as part of the included paperwork?

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