eBay Changes Fees and Feedback, Part 2

   Discussing the recent changes at online auction juggernaut eBay (see yesterday’s post) with author Mark Bellomo yielded a lot of useful information, so I thought I’d continue to present his comments and some helpful links to shed some light on the situation.

   “Consider this: on an item that sells for $25, you’ll save .10 on the listing fee, but the FVF will cost you .70 more… sure, Gallery Pics are now free, but they’re are going to charge me double that when my item sells,” Bellomo said. “Most buyers consider the shipping prices when they make their bid. If enough buyers do this, eBay may notice that the final selling prices have all taken a 5%-10% dive… 

   “Another point is made on this eBay forum thread: BUYERS are protected well enough and can dispute transactions after the fact, but sellers are NOT protected.

   HERE is an article from CNN/Money.

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