eBay Changes Fees and Feedback

   By now, most of you are aware of the recent changes implemented by online auction giant, eBay. If not, click HERE to read Antique Trader Editor Noah Fleisher’s account.

   As expected, the changes are impacting the way eBay buyers and sellers are doing business, particularly for those who engage in smaller dollar amount transactions.

   I spoke with Mark Bellomo, author of The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe 1992-94 and Transformers: Identification and Price Guide regarding the changes and what it means for his eBay participation. Mark isn’t a mega-dealer or online store proprietor, he’s an average eBay buyer and seller who sells action figures and comic books.

   “First, I love the newer feedback system… the detailed seller ratings are a good way to nail unethical sellers who charge HUGELY inflated ‘handling fees’–those dealers who feel justified charging $12.95 shipping and handling for one action figure,” he said. “These detailed seller listings include: a) Item as described; b) communication; c) shipping time; and the aforementioned d) shipping and handling charges.

   “Listing fees are slightly lowered.  Slightly!

   “Yet it is RIDICULOUS how much they are charging for Final Value Fees!!! Just last year, I believe that these were 5.25%. Now they’re 8.25%. And combine that with listing fees–this is limiting the amount of auctions I’ll put up on eBay. I usually put up MANY $15-$25 auctions at a time (20-25 auctions). But I simply won’t anymore. Let’s use a set of comic books I recently put on eBay of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight. It was a set of about twenty comics that I could get about $25 for. Listing it in two categories set me back about $1.60.  Take $2.03 and add $1.60 = $3.63.  That means that eBay is taking about 10% of every auction that I post. And what about PayPal fees as well?”

   How have the eBay changes impacted you and the way you buy and sell in online auctions? Click “Comments” below and let’s hear from you! (You’ll be asked to enter the code twice, so don’t give up after just one try.)