Ertl’s New Farmall M

   Among the new releases from Ertl this fall, the Farmall M holds the most sentimental value. My farm toy collection began with an “M” and I’ve had a soft spot for them since I was a kid. That first tractor was made by Product Miniature in 1948 and was a gift to my dad from his big brother who worked in the Chicago International Harvester plant. Discovered by my sister and I at my grandparent’s house so many years later, the plastic “M” was pressed into duty as we set up our dime store plastic fencing and barnyard animals.

   The real Farmall M tractor was produced from 1939-52, and was so popular that more than 270,000 units were sold in the U.S. and Britain. That popularity translated nicely to farm toys, as the “M” is one of the most oft-produced die-cast scale replicas. Attempting to collect all of the “M” tractors released through the years would be a worthy challenge for any collector.

   Ertl’s new 1:16-scale “M” is a beauty. The engine detail of the casting is remarkable, and the addition of stickers throughout enhances the realism of the tractor. Notice the grill sticker that simulates the silver “FARMALL” plate attached to the grill of the real tractors. If you’re a Farmall M fan, you won’t be able to resist this excellent tractor-I sure couldn’t!