Found it. Didn’t buy it. Looking for it.

   If I had a dollar for every time someone told me a story about finding a treasured childhood toy in a flea market AND walking away WITHOUT buying it, I’d have a different vintage car to drive to work every day of the month. No, really!


   This morning’s caller described the very situation above—she found a children’s book that she had in her youth and somehow walked away from the table without buying it. That was three years ago, and she’s spent the last two years researching children’s books in the effort to find this particular one—with no success. She has no idea of the title, no idea who wrote it, and not a clue as to which company published the book.


   What does she know? It was a hardcover book and not a Little Golden, or Bonnie Book, or anything else commonly collected. She remembers that the story was about a boy named Jonny, who had a number of playtime adventures including playing cowboy.


   What advice would you give her in her search?