Free Comic Book Day — For All Ages!

    I received a couple of emails regarding Free Comic Book Day and the types of comics available, so I thought a larger explanation might benefit everyone.

   You can really obtain comics for free at participating comic book shops tomorrow. BUT, the free titles are special editions printed by comic publishers just for this event. So you can’t walk in and hope to pick up Detective Comics #843 without paying for it. (Do yourself a favor and buy it anyway, writer Paul Dini is magnificent and this series is fantastic!)

   If you’d like to see a list of the titles printed for the event, click HERE. Understand that shop owners may or may not have every one of these titles available. Most shop owners pick titles based on their available display space and clientele, but it’s been my experience that they all attempt to have a wide variety available so that readers of any age will find a title they’ll enjoy.

   One of the titles I recommend for young readers tomorrow is Owly & Friends. Published by Top Shelf, this 32-page comic features the wordless adventures of Owly by Andy Runton. I met Andy at Comic-Con a few years ago — he’s a talented, sweet guy who loves comics — and it really shows in his work.

   Here’s the cover:

   Have fun! Let me know what titles you picked up on Free Comic Book Day by clicking “Comments” below!