Free Comic Book Day — May 3!

   “You mean there’s a day when you can walk into a comic book shop and they’ll hand you free comic books?”

   “Yep. The comic publishers print special comic books containing some of their most popular characters and comic shop owners make them available for visitors to take — for free.”

   I know it sounds too good to be true, but Free Comic Book Day is now an annual event that takes place the first week of May. This Saturday, May 3, head to your local comic book store and check out the amazing selection of comics for readers of all ages and abilities. There are plenty of kid-friendly titles, and if you haven’t read a comic book since you were a kid, you’ll be amazed at the production quality and artistry of today’s comics.

   To find a comic book shop in your area, click HERE to use Diamond’s Comic Shop Locator Service. Just type in your zip code, and it will find shops close to home. Be sure to phone the shop and ask for their hours of operation.

   For more information on Free Comic Book Day, click HERE. You’ll find reports from last year’s events from comic shops around the country, and everything you’d want to know about this year’s festivities.

   I’m heading out to Galaxy Comics & Games in Stevens Point, Wis. Which shop are you visiting? Click “Comments” below and let me know!