Gotta Love Fridays!

   How do you make it through work on a gorgeous Friday? Let’s face it, on these last few beautiful Fridays of summer, you’d rather be anywhere than at work. And the clock is no help, ’cause quitting time is hours away.


   I’ve discovered the secret to not only make it through my Friday, but to make the day fly by. How? No, I haven’t discovered a rift in the space/time continuum or anything that dramatic and cool — I devote Fridays to my favorite annual project, Toys & Prices. Because the book is published at the same time every year, I have to work on it constantly and there’s no better way to make a Friday fly by than to select a chapter and dig into the history of the toys we collect.


   The 2008 edition of the title is in the works and I’ll have more info as we get closer to sending it to the printer. For now, I’m off to see what the designer has in store for the Action Figures chapter. I added a ton of photos to that chapter for 2008 and I’m sure the designer is having a fun time stuffing them all in.