Ideal Fix-It Tow Truck

   North Carolina collector Brian Moore recently responded to my open invitation to submit photos of toys not picutured in O’Brien’s Collecting Toy Cars & Trucks. He sent some nice photos of the Ideal Fix-It Tow Truck and Car w/Dented Fender, No. 3001. The toy was produced from 1955-57.

   Actually, I’ve never seen the set myself and have never run across it at a show. In the book I list “NPF” as the value for all three condition types because I’ve never run across a dealer selling one or an auction containing the piece.

   Moore’s piece is complete and in original condition — he and his brother played with the toy, and have no idea what became of the original box.

   What values would you assign to the Ideal Fix-It Tow Truck and Car w/Dented Fender in C6 (Excellent), C8 (Near Mint), and C10 (Mint without box) conditions? What premium above C10 would you add for a mint box? Click on “Comments” below and let me know!!