Japanese Tin Cars

   All that talk of car washes and drives in the country sure had me ready for Spring — until it snowed this week. There’s probably only six more weeks (or so) of winter weather left, and despite the signs elsewhere in the nation that Spring has indeed arrived — cherry blossoms in Washington D.C., Major League Baseball games, etc. — I was determined not to fall victim to Spring Fever. Until I started working on the Vehicles chapter of O’Brien’s Collecting Toys, that is.

   Usually, the next best thing to enjoying real cars is to be surrounded by toy cars. But for those engulfed by Spring Fever, the toys can taunt!

   Take this 1964 Buick Riviera, for example:


Made by Haji, this Japanese Tin Car has opening doors, a removable top, foldable seats, and an operable side window. In mint condition with its mint box, the toy is worth about $600. (Photo courtesy Ron Smith)

   See what I mean?!!

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