Make ‘n Take Day from Revell, Part 3

   We’re just days away from the first annual Make ‘n Take Day from Revell, and I’m going to keep posting pictures of my handiwork. I had fun building this model, and hope it encourages you to stop by your local hobby shop on Saturday, March 8. Better yet, turn off the video game consoles and bring your kids, nieces, nephews — heck, organize a carpool with a couple of other parents in the neighborhood and get every kid you know to build this nice Camaro!


The black interior assembly begins by placing the seats in their notches—they will fit loosely at this stage, but don’t worry, when you snap the door panels in place they will hold the seats in position. Add the dashboard, and your interior isn’t going anywhere. Be sure to add the chrome gearshift before you snap the dash in place—your fingers won’t have much working room once the dash goes in.


The wheel sculpts are fantastic interpretations of mag wheels. Keeping up with the times, a large wheel/tire pair is for the rear, and the smaller pair is for the front. A note on the tire tread: The pattern should point forward on the car for all four tires, so match the wheels and tires for the right and left sides to align the tread.