Moving Day Approaches

   As many of you know, Toy Shop magazine is closing its doors at the end of the month. The final issue has shipped, and it contains my last installment of “Leave it to Karen.” Well, it’s my last column for Toy Shop, but I’ll explain in a minute.

   The column was always fun to write, and was always devoted to the joy of being a member of this wonderful hobby. Sometimes I reported on a toy show I attended, sometimes I dug into the history of toys I found interesting, and sometimes I just had to share the insights of our fellow collectors — they had so much knowledge to offer!  I hope you found the column interesting and entertaining. I also hope that it occasionally made you say, “Hey, I had one of those when I was a kid!”

   The good news is that rather than riding off into the sunset, “Leave it to Karen” is moving to Antique Trader magazine. Antique Trader is a weekly magazine devoted to all types of antiques, and the editor, Noah Fleisher, decided that “Leave it to Karen” would be a nice addition to their regular line-up. Whew! We’re not changing the column’s format, so it will still be a mix of this and that, but I will keep it to “older” toys.

   Oh, and this blog will be moving over to the Antique Trader site as well, so we can keep talking toys and cars and toy cars and — you get the idea!  Pretty soon the address should bump over to an Antique Trader address. When I know what it is, I’ll let you know. Stay tuned!