National Postcard Week is May 2-8, 2010

Unlike our counterparts across the pond, the United States has been largely unsuccessful in bringing together antiques enthusiasts for a common purpose. This is most likely due to the fact that the collecting areas available in this country are so broad and diverse, there’s little reason for train collectors to mingle with clock-work toy collectors. In England, the National Antiques Week brings dealers together to capture the attention of those not usually interested in beautiful old things. Usually when U.S. collectors or dealers promote a common interest it’s centered on one of the large national shows held in the East or the Midwest.

That’s not the case with postcard collectors and National Postcard Week. Spanning May 2-8, National Postcard Week is a coming together of collectors to promote the hobby. The official week started in 1984, although collectors and companies tried to rally folks are the idea since 1911.

The International Federation of Postcard Dealers and small clubs could use the date as a focal point to promote the trade. The idea has grown and now those clubs and individual collectors themselves design and publish their own cards. These are sent and traded all over the world in the spirit of goodwill for the hobby and each other. It’s unique among postcard collectors and celebrates the history and, thanks to the contemporary designs, its future as well.

Of course, you don’t need to design your own card in order to participate. National Postcard Week is a perfect excuse to dip into your collection and put several old cards in the mail. You could also visit a local shop and buy a few cards, probably a few dollars cheaper than you’d spend buying a new card from a department store.

I’m not a postcard collector, but I have made a promise to send at least five people vintage postcards the week of May 2-8.

Do someone in your life a favor and send them a postcard that week. The worst that can happen is you’ll probably get a postcard in return.

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— Eric Bradley


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