Noma Bubble Lights: Alive and Well

   The Christmas section at my local Mill’s Fleet Farm is a fun place to shop. They always seem to have items that I just don’t see anywhere else. And while I don’t have much use for a life-sized reindeer made up of blinking lights, I did make an interesting discovery in the lights section. Noma bubble lights—remember those?


   My grandparents had them on their tree and I remember staring at them as a kid, trying to figure out how they worked. Well, they still make ’em, and though they aren’t inexpensive, they would be a fun addition to the tree. I think they’ll look great bubbling away right next to all of my blinking and talking Hallmark ornaments!


   The vintage Noma lights are quite collectible these days as well, and if you’d like more information, check out George Nelson’s amazing museum site: — it’s a “virtual museum of electric Yuletide lighting history.”


   If the nostalgia has gripped you, and you’re considering adding bubble lights to your tree, stay away from my local Mill’s Fleet Farm ’cause I’m going there tomorrow morning to pick up a package or two. But feel free to check out the wide variety of cool lights available at — besides the bubblers, they have teardrop lights, flickering flame lights, petal lights, LED lights, and those excellent revolving color wheels that shine different colors on your tree.