O’Brien’s Collecting Toys – Captain Midnight

   With O’Brien’s Collecting Toys nearly finished and moving rapidly toward its date with the printer, I thought it would be fun to share another interesting item from the book.

   The Premiums chapter is loaded with fun and fascinating items offered in support of early radio and television shows. Only the strongest of characters survived through the changes to multiple platforms, and just a select few appeared in radio, on film, and in television. Captain Midnight was one of those beloved characters.

   Captain Midnight was ace pilot “Red” Albright, the head of the Secret Squadron. Together, he and his cohorts thwarted the evil doings of Ivan Shark and his daughter Fury.

   For more info on the Captain Midnight’s history, click HERE.

   Publisher Moonstone Books plans to release a collection of new prose stories featuring Captain Midnight. For more information, click HERE.

   In the meantime, here’s a picutre submitted for O’Brien’s Collecting Toys by the generous folks at Hake’s Americana & Collectibles.


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