Old Salem Toy Museum

   If you’re planning a trip to Salem, North Carolina, you might want to add a stop at the Old Salem Toy Museum. The grounds actually host four museums; the Historic Town of Salem, the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, the Children’s Museum, and the Toy Museum.


   Here’s what their Web site has to say about the toy collection:


   “The Old Salem Toy Museum presents a fascinating seventeen-hundred-year survey of toys, circa 225 A.D. to 1925. Serving as a treasure chest of more than 1200 antique European and American toys exhibiting playthings that people have enjoyed for nearly two thousand years.


   “Here you can see third century toys that archaeologists dredged from the Thames River in London—miniature bronze firearms from 1585 to 1610, and a lead die dating back to 225 A.D. You can see toys Moravian children played with in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. You can find a variety of German toys—ships and marbles, games and puzzles, cars and trains. You can see dolls from the seventeenth century through the earliest twentieth century. You can look at teddy bears and puppets, doll houses and toy zoos, and toys made of porcelain, silver or cast iron. There are toys from Germany, Great Britain, Holland, France, Spain, and America. The most recent are early-twentieth-century airplanes and automobiles.”


   For more information about the Old Salem Toy Museum, go to their Web site:www.oldsalem.org


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