What size is this — really

As I read “Vintage clothing and accessories have teen prom appeal” (from the last Cotton & Quail Antique Gazette), it made me think of when I was a teen. All I wanted to do was be like everyone else to … Read More +

Free Comic Book Day — For All Ages!

    I received a couple of emails regarding Free Comic Book Day and the types of comics available, so I thought a larger explanation might benefit everyone.    You can really obtain comics for free at participating comic book shops tomorrow. BUT, the … Read More +

Free Comic Book Day — May 3!

   “You mean there’s a day when you can walk into a comic book shop and they’ll hand you free comic books?”    “Yep. The comic publishers print special comic books containing some of their most popular characters and comic shop owners make … Read More +

Toyland News: Address Change

   With the changes to the Antique Trader Web site (home of this blog), the address for Babe in Toyland has changed. Please update your Favorites to this address: http://blog.antiquetrader.com/toyland    I apologize for the inconvenience, and thank all of you for … Read More +

Toyland News: Stan Lee Podcast

   Every now and again, whilst diligently working away in my cubicle, someone cool will arrive at my desk with something cool. It could be Comics Buyer’s Guide Editor Brent Frankenhoff with a fresh stack of comics for me to review, … Read More +