Japanese Tin Cars

   All that talk of car washes and drives in the country sure had me ready for Spring — until it snowed this week. There’s probably only six more weeks (or so) of winter weather left, and despite the signs elsewhere … Read More +

The Trivia Invasion

   The world’s largest trivia contest will hold its 39th annual event in Stevens Point, Wisc. April 11-13. The 54-hour contest broadcasts its questions on WWSP 90FM radio starting at 6pm on Friday and the station does have an Internet feed, … Read More +

Michael Uslan Podcast

   Maggie Thompson’s good friend Michael Uslan (executive producer of the Batman films and the forthcoming The Spirit) took a few minutes to talk to her about the debut this Saturday night of his new documentary, The Legends Behind the Comic … Read More +

Aurora Model Kits and Comics

  While reading the Forum over at Comics Buyer’s Guide, I came across a conversation regarding Aurora model kits from the 1960s and 1970s. It’s always fun when one interest (comics in this example) crosses over to encompass another interest (model … Read More +

Farmall Super M in Pink?

   One of the great things about taking a road trip is that if you keep your eyes open, you just might find something unexpected and extremely cool. While driving through Beecher, Ill., to the Beecher Farm Toy Show, I spotted … Read More +

Smith-Miller Bonanza Truck

   The newest pressed-steel truck release from Smith-Miller is a Bonanza Concrete Truck. Limited to just 100 pieces, this beauty will set you back a healthy $1295. Die-hard Smith-Miller fans will love this truck — it’s a rolling work of art.    For … Read More +

Mid-Ohio-Con Sold!

   I received the following press release regarding the sale of the Mid-Ohio-Con. Note that the show will move from its traditional Thanksgiving weekend slot to the beginning of October for 2008. For Immediate Release Monday March 24, 2008 Mid-Ohio-Con To … Read More +

Star Trek: The Collectibles

   New projects for this year include Star Trek: The Collectibles. This 256-page all-color book takes an in-depth look at the wide world of collectibles based on the original Star Trek television series. Author and veteran Star Trek collector Steve Kelley … Read More +