Toyland News: Address Change

   With the changes to the Antique Trader Web site (home of this blog), the address for Babe in Toyland has changed. Please update your Favorites to this address:    I apologize for the inconvenience, and thank all of you for … Read More +

Toyland News: Stan Lee Podcast

   Every now and again, whilst diligently working away in my cubicle, someone cool will arrive at my desk with something cool. It could be Comics Buyer’s Guide Editor Brent Frankenhoff with a fresh stack of comics for me to review, … Read More +

Japanese Tin Cars

   All that talk of car washes and drives in the country sure had me ready for Spring — until it snowed this week. There’s probably only six more weeks (or so) of winter weather left, and despite the signs elsewhere … Read More +

The Trivia Invasion

   The world’s largest trivia contest will hold its 39th annual event in Stevens Point, Wisc. April 11-13. The 54-hour contest broadcasts its questions on WWSP 90FM radio starting at 6pm on Friday and the station does have an Internet feed, … Read More +

Michael Uslan Podcast

   Maggie Thompson’s good friend Michael Uslan (executive producer of the Batman films and the forthcoming The Spirit) took a few minutes to talk to her about the debut this Saturday night of his new documentary, The Legends Behind the Comic … Read More +

Aurora Model Kits and Comics

  While reading the Forum over at Comics Buyer’s Guide, I came across a conversation regarding Aurora model kits from the 1960s and 1970s. It’s always fun when one interest (comics in this example) crosses over to encompass another interest (model … Read More +

Farmall Super M in Pink?

   One of the great things about taking a road trip is that if you keep your eyes open, you just might find something unexpected and extremely cool. While driving through Beecher, Ill., to the Beecher Farm Toy Show, I spotted … Read More +

Smith-Miller Bonanza Truck

   The newest pressed-steel truck release from Smith-Miller is a Bonanza Concrete Truck. Limited to just 100 pieces, this beauty will set you back a healthy $1295. Die-hard Smith-Miller fans will love this truck — it’s a rolling work of art.    For … Read More +

Mid-Ohio-Con Sold!

   I received the following press release regarding the sale of the Mid-Ohio-Con. Note that the show will move from its traditional Thanksgiving weekend slot to the beginning of October for 2008. For Immediate Release Monday March 24, 2008 Mid-Ohio-Con To … Read More +