Picker’s List: Holding high hope for filling vintage glass sets

I have a Precious Moments doll, and the only clothes item is a pair of cloth white boots. She has three ribbons in her hair and is in excellent condition. Where can I purchase clothing for this doll? I would be pleased to pay any charge or necessary postage at cheapest rate. Also, is there a date or a number on a doll such as this?

Also, I’m wondering if there was a book published regarding Burger King gifts given with children’s meals? It seems at one time someone was working on a book for Burger King and Dairy Queen items. I have many such premiums that have never been opened.

In addition, I’m also looking for the following:

  • Warner Pepsi glass with black lettering
  • 12 Days of Christmas glasses #4 and #6, and Woody Woodpecker glass
  • 1/4-pound butter dish Columbia Depression glass (have cover – need dish)

Picker’s List is the greatest! Pen pals plentiful – our world is filled with God-sent, wonderful people.

— Doloris Irrthum

*Editor’s Note: While the collecting market for restaurant premiums isn’t as vigorous as it once was, there are still a few books, published a number of years ago that cover the topic well. They include: “The Encyclopedia of Fast Food Toys,” “Collectibles 101: Fast Food Toys” and “Kiddie Meal Collectibles.” Also, if you have any of the items the requester has listed above, please contact ATNews@fwmedia.com, and we’ll put you in touch with one another.

*Keep in mind if values are listed in these books, they are most likely dated.