I received an email yesterday from a gentleman seeking a “
recent and credible book on action figures – with complete listings and current prices.” Aware of Toys & Prices, his email went on to request information as to how the prices published in the book are derived.


   It’s a reasonable question and one that takes an entire year to answer. Because it is an annual title, work on Toys & Prices never stops. It’s a constant process of paying attention to auction results, the prices dealers are offering at shows, the prices collectors inform me that they’ve paid for particular items, and now that the Internet is such a large part of our hobby, I also pay attention to online dealers and online auction activity. A dedicated team of hobby experts does the same thing in their particular areas of interest, and they report their pricing recommendations to me.


   So an entire year’s worth of observation and participation in toy collecting by many, many people around the U.S. contribute to the prices you see in print each year. And I am very grateful to the generous folks in this hobby who take time to keep me informed.


   You’re welcome to join in – just click on “Comments” below and let me know what specific toys are going for in your area.