Thank You James D. Julia Inc.!

   When folks ask what I’m working on, it seems that lately I’ve had the same answer over and over again, “O’Brien’s Collecting Toys.” But that’s okay, because this book is one of my favorite toy references ever, and working on it is a daily history lesson about the toys made long before I was born.


   The book concentrates on toys from the 1950s and back—no new toys here. Long gone are the chapters on Star Wars and Action Figures that once took pages away from vintage favorites. This edition will contain more than 2,000 images, and I want to extend a very hearty THANK YOU to Andrew Truman over at James D. Julia Inc. Auctioneer & Appraisers.


   He sent along more than 500 gorgeous color images of vintage toys from their last three auctions—and that’s what I’m working on these days. Integrating these beautiful pictures into the appropriate chapters is a feast for the eyes, and I can honestly say that this 30th Anniversary edition will easily be the most beautiful yet.


   Thanks, Andrew!


   I’ll post a few images later this week. For now, it’s back to work!