Toyland News: 2007 Indiana FFA Tractor

   On a post-Kalamazoo Toy Show trip to our local Tracor Supply Store, dad and I discovered this year’s Indiana FFA tractor — a Farmall Super M. At least I think it’s a Super M. I could be wrong, because as soon as I lifted it off of the shelf with that “hey dad, look at this” expression on my face, he took it.

   That’s right, he declared it a great Christmas present and he took it right to the checkout counter! The cashier placed it in a bag that I couldn’t see through and that’s the last I’ll see of it until Christmas morning.

   I know its this year’s Indiana FFA fund-raising tractor, and I know that it’s available exclusively through Tractor Supply Co., but I can’t even remember what the box looked like! It wasn’t even in my hands for 10 seconds — another lesson in patience and the Christmas spirit!!