Toyland News: Fumby Street Motors

   It’s not every day that a new die-cast manufacturer debuts on the toy scene, so I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Fumby Street Motors.


   Fumby Street’s first offering is an ambitious 1:15-scale 1957 White WC-22 Stake Truck. The company is producing 1,000 trucks in the following colors/quantities:


Red: 250

Red/Black: 150

Green: 250

Green/Black: 100

Yellow: 100

Yellow/Black: 150


   The trucks feature remarkable details including working doors and door handles, an articulated rear suspension with a fully detailed chassis, working steering, an operating lift gate, an opening hood with full engine detail, a detailed interior and dashboard, and optional wood grain veneer in the truck bed.


   You’ll need heavy-duty display space for these beauties, each truck weighs 9 pounds and is 19” long. Available this month, each truck is $500.


For more information contact:

Fumby Street Motors

(770) 414-0655


   Many thanks to Toy Cars & Models columnist Joe Kelly Jr. for these photos that highlight the truck’s gorgeous details.