Toyland News: On the Radio

   As you might imagine, this is the time of the year when radio hosts like to discuss nostalgic topics like toys. I enjoy doing the radio spots — the hosts are always super nice and for those shows with call-in segments, it’s always fun to hear the audience describe their childhood favorites, the stuff they had once upon a time that mom threw away, and the toys they still have packed away someplace.

   I’ll be a guest on Harry Rinker’s “Whatcha Got” show this Sunday, November 18 at 7:30am (c.s.t.) or so to talk toys. Harry is a terrific host and I’m sure it will be a fun segment. His show is syndicated, and you can go to to see if your local station carries it. The show is also archived on the Web at and you can listen there.

   Like Charles Osgood says at the end of CBS Sunday Morning, “I’ll see you on the radio.”