Toyland News: Pressed Steel Conundrum

   A Toy Shop reader recently asked how I determine the topics I select for my column “Leave it to Karen.” Long-time readers know that the column generally focuses on toys of the 1950s and 1960s, but I do enjoy writing on pre-WWII toys every chance I get. Editor Tom Bartsch selects different themes for each month, and I try to adhere to that schedule (although my recent two-part story on Star Trek was a departure, I had a lot of fun with it and Tom didn’t seem to mind).


   That brings me to my current conundrum. The theme for the March ’08 issue is PRESSED STEEL. Hooray! I collect pressed steel, I love pressed steel, and there are a bunch of prewar and postwar companies to write about. Hence my problem.


   What pressed steel company should I select? I’ve written stories on Ertl, Metalcraft, and Nylint recently, so with those exceptions, I leave it to the readers to select the pressed steel company that I’ll focus on for that issue.


   Click “Comments” below to suggest a pressed steel company and tell me why you think I should write about it! You have until November 5, 2007, when I’ll announce the winning topic. The person who suggested the winner will receive a free copy of Toys & Prices 2008.