Toyland News: Stan Lee Podcast

   Every now and again, whilst diligently working away in my cubicle, someone cool will arrive at my desk with something cool. It could be Comics Buyer’s Guide Editor Brent Frankenhoff with a fresh stack of comics for me to review, or it could be Old Cars Weekly Editor Angelo VanBogart with a copy of the latest issue. I never know who will show up with some cool tidbit of news or trivia or matter of punctuation that only dedicated wordies geek over. 

   Yesterday, it was Comics Buyer’s Guide Senior Editor Maggie Thompson who dropped by with the fun.

   “I’m scheduling a Podcast interview for tomorrow — are you free during lunch to help?” she asked.

   “Well, not really, I’m on deadline and have a million things going on tomorrow,” I stupidly replied.

   She tilted her head slightly and said, “I’m interviewing Stan Lee. He has a new book project out.”

   It’s amazing how fast one’s schedule can clear itself!!

   Maggie conducted the interview as I offered a small bit of technical assistance and sat back to enjoy their conversation. I mean, who would pass up the chance to hear Stan Lee talk about his latest projects? He’s so full of energy at 85-years-young, that you can’t help but be inspired by him. And then there’s that stunning career of his — you know, creating Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, etc. — Stan’s been inspiring me since I was a kid.

   The interview will be up on the Podcast section of the Comics Buyer’s Guide website later this afternoon. Just click on the link to the left to go to the CBG site, the Podcast link is on the left side of the page. One of my favorite moments is Stan explaining that he’s off to the movie studio later today to film his cameo in the upcoming Hulk movie!

   Thanks yet again for the inspiration Stan, I’m going back to diligent pursuits in my cubicle.