Toyland News: Toys & Prices 2008 Update

   Oh happy day! No, I won’t ask you to break into song, but I just might. Toys & Prices 2008 went to the printer last Friday—hooray!!!


   Producing the title is a year-round task that seems at times to be more of an obsession. Never before in my collecting career have my tastes been so diverse, and it’s all because of Toys & Prices. When folks ask what I collect, it’s simpler to just say “toys” than to try to be specific.


   For example, I’m not a Barbie collector but I own two Barbie dolls, the Barbie as Wonder Woman and Barbie as Catwoman special releases. I wouldn’t say that I’m a Hot Wheels collector, but I have a growing collection of Numbered Pack cars. And I wouldn’t say that I’m a Pez collector, but I purchased dozens of dispensers this year that you’ll find in the Pez chapter.


   The first axiom of collecting is to collect what you like—and I am—I’m collecting toys!


   Toys & Prices 2008 will be back from the printer and available around Halloween. Here’s a peek at the cover: