Welcome to Toyland!

   Hello toy collectors and welcome to the online extension of my column, “Leave it to Karen.”
So why not just entitle the blog with the same name? The monthly column is dedicated to a single toy topic, and as you’ll see in the days ahead, this blog will stretch from one end of the hobby to the other.


   As many of you know, I am also the editor of toy books for Krause Publications, an imprint of Toy Shop’s parent company F+W Publications. I receive so many phone calls, emails, and letters from toy collectors and from folks just looking for more information about their toys, that this is the perfect venue to share their knowledge and questions. I’ll also keep everyone up to date with my latest book projects.


   Different content isn’t the only reason for the blog’s title. I grew up going to toy shows with my dad, and trust me, a kid walking through the doors of a toy show feels exactly like Jane and Alan in Victor Herbert’s timeless musical, Babes in Toyland, when they first arrive in the magical Toyland. Of course, the toys aren’t alive at toy shows (not that I’ve seen as of yet), but I still get the same sense of wonder when taking my first steps into every toy show.


   You’ll recognize the wind-up soldier in the banner as one of Linemar’s Babes in Toyland releases. So the title is really a tribute to this incredible hobby and all of the terrific collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts that share the same enthusiasm for “Toyland.”


   What are your favorite toy topics? Do you collect pressed steel, die-cast, tin wind-ups, battery-operated toys, cap pistols, cast-i


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