Where Are You Goin’?

   I’m always pleased to announce show dates in this blog — it’s no secret that I’m a complete cheerleader for attending shows. Toy shows, car shows, farm toy shows, comics conventions, you name it and I’m happy to spread the word. Why? Becuase it’s important to connect in person with other collectors/enthusiasts.

   There’s only so much we can do online, convenient as it is. I recently interviewed a show promoter half the country away entirely by email. The beauty of email is that there’s no danger of me misquoting my subject, but there’s also not as much warmth or personal excitement about the hobby coming through, either. So I followed up with a phone call, and had a very enjoyable conversation that I was able to inject into the article.

   The point is simple: hobbies are about people. You take your risks leaving your house and reaching out at shows, no doubt. But a smile and a well-meant “good morning” can lead you to some great pieces for your collection, or parts for your antique car, and probably some new friends that will enrich your hobby experience. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.

   What show/swap meet/convention are you attending this weekend? Click on “Comments” below and let me know.