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Tune In: Antique Trader's antiquing road trip playlist

Are you planning an antiquing road trip for the near future or next year? You've probably considered and double checked the essentials, but have you put any thought into your road trip music playlist? May we offer a few suggestions...

We continually hear about road trip antiquing adventures people are planning or recall with great fondness. There something special about a road trip.

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The thought of planning a road trip may seem daunting. Where shall we go? Which antique and vintage shops should we visit? Are there antique malls and flea markets along the route?

The good news is not all aspects of your planning needs to be challenging. Must-haves include: Snacks, a source of money, and good music. Ok, there are a number of other essentials to pack for such an excursion, but we figure you can pick up some of those tips in other Trader articles. Plus, knowing the Trader community, it's likely you've taken to the road for adventures before.

Submit Your Favorite to the Playlist

However, we thought we could offer a few suggestions of music to play during your travels. A few of these suggestions come from members of the Antique Trader community, while others are favorites of Team Trader, and still more are songs about traveling, antiquing, shopping wisely, and having fun. The list is a work in progress, ever changing, so if you have a favorite road trip musical selection send it my way and I'll add it to the list. 

Email me at with your suggestion.

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