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It’s good to be nimble, as the Antique Advertising Association of America (AAAA) recently discovered.

After canceling last year’s annual convention because of the pandemic and transitioning to a successful virtual convention and adding another virtual winter retreat in January – both of which were warmly received – the club for collectors of popular and antique advertising planned to hold an in-person convention this summer.

Those plans were scuttled, however, when the club was informed the convention hotel was sold and closed for renovation. The new owners couldn’t assure AAAA the hotel would be available in time for their summer event.

Not to be deterred, Plan B calls for the advertising enthusiasts to return to a free virtual convention and sale July 24-25 on Zoom.

Zaharakos Soda Fountain & Museum

Get the scoop on Zaharakos Soda Fountain & Museum in Columbus, Indiana. 

The virtual event will feature thousands of vintage advertising items for sale online including signs, posters, tin displays, general store items, tobacco, breweriana, apothecary, gas and oil items, ephemera, bottles, drug store, and more. It will also include a tour of the historic Zaharakos Soda Fountain & Museum in Columbus, Indiana.

Saturday’s virtual convention is free to AAAA members and promises to include most traditional convention activities, including seminars, raffles, sharing of favorite advertising collections, breakout groups and “room hopping” – the opportunity to buy vintage advertising items from multiple dealers.

Paul Lefkovitz

Paul Lefkovitz, AAAA Convention coordinator. 

Sunday’s happenings are free to the public. Non-members interested in Sunday sales of thousands of vintage advertising items by dealers from throughout the U.S. can visit any time after 8 a.m. EST. Sales will run until July 31.

Dealers are also welcome. There are no fees, commission or dealer expenses of any kind, providing a great online sales opportunity for sellers of vintage advertising, according to Paul Lefkovitz, convention coordinator. For more dealer information, contact Lefkovitz at or call 317-594-0658.

Saturday’s events will also feature a special presentation by John Kemler and Alice Muncaster called “Trade Cards: Exploring the Roots of Pop Culture in Advertising,” the annual membership/business meeting, and raffles worth $2,000 in cash prizes.

Jumbo Trade Card

Jumbo, the gigantic elephant brought to America by showman P. T. Barnum, was used to advertise dozens of products. This trade card advertises  a brand of castor oil.

In addition to this year’s virtual meeting, the advertising organization is planning its 2022 Summer Convention at the Embassy Suites in Columbus, Ohio, July 13-16.

For additional information, or to join AAAA, contact Lefkovitz or visit

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