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LINCOLN, Neb. – Come the New Year, we’re all going to need a break from a hellacious 2020. And what better place to start 2021 than at Lincoln’s largest and finest antique show?

Featuring sixty dealers from six states, the 40th annual Cabin Fever Antique Show takes place January 8-9 at the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln. The Friday and Saturday show features a huge selection of advertising items, furniture, glass, jewelry, bottles, linens, postcards and a healthy dose of Midwest hospitality.

A healthy dose of something is much needed for all fans of antique shows, what with the pandemic battering much of the show calendar across the country in 2020.

Cabin Fever Antique Show

The largest and finest antique show in Lincoln, Nebraska, opens the New Year show calendar.

“We have our fingers crossed that the event will go off without a snag,” said show co-promoter Becky Moock. “All the dealers we’re working with are rallying around the event. We will be doing everything possible to make it a safe show and to protect dealers and attendees.

“Customers are anxious to get to a show. It will be a great show, if were able to hold it. That I’m sure of,” Moock said.

This is the third year that Becky and husband Jim have teamed up with Boyd and Sanda Navratil as co-sponsors of the Cabin Fever Antique Show. “We’re working hard to have a broad offering of antiques for everyone to enjoy,” Becky Moock said.

The show will have 80,000 square feet to work with, allowing plenty of room to spread out, Moock said. “One of the advantages of a large building is it allows dealers to drive in and unload and do the same when they pack up at the end of the show.”

Moock grew up in the hobby with parents as dealers. After 37 years of teaching sewing in middle school, Moock has spent her retirement as a dealer. “I love it. I seem to be learning something new everyday,” she says. “It never ceases to amaze me.”

True to her background, Moock plans to bring a special sewing machine to the event: a Wheeler & Wilson Civil War era treadle sewing machine. “I’m excited to see the reaction to it,” Moock confessed.

The same can be said for the show itself.

For more information on the Cabin Fever Antique Show contact Moock at 402-430-4195 or Boyd and Sanda Navratil at 402-309-6771. You can also check out the event’s Facebook page: Cabin Fever Antique Show – Lincoln Nebraska.

Cabin Fever Antique Show