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Commemorative coin sales support parks

Images of President Theodore Roosevelt, conservationist John Muir and Yosemite National Park appear on new coins issued in recognition of the National Park Service Centennial celebration.
New National Park Commemorative Coin

The gold coin obverse features conservationist John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt. The reverse features the National Park Service logo.(Photo courtesy U.S. Mint)

WASHINGTON – The National Park Foundation, the National Park Service and the United States Mint have announced that limited-edition coins honoring the National Park Service Centennial are now available for purchase at The coins will be available at participating park locations across the National Park System later this year and have the potential to raise millions of dollars in support for America’s national parks.

“These coins – mementos today and heirlooms tomorrow – celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service,” said National Park Service Deputy Director Peggy O’Dell. “Their purchase will help support vital park programs and contribute to the centennial legacy.”

The commemorative coins honor the National Park Service’s first century of service protecting, preserving and sharing some of our nation’s natural, historical and cultural resources. In addition to being a unique centennial collectible, all coin surcharges are authorized to be paid to the National Park Foundation to support projects that help preserve and protect resources under the stewardship of the National Park Service, and promote public enjoyment and appreciation of these resources.

Learn more and become a part of the national park community at

National Park coin

Reverse of the new National Park Service Centennial Commemorative coin.