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Morphy Names Mackel Firearms Specialist

Self-described "extreme history buff," antique gun authority Dan Mackel appointed Firearms Specialist at Morphy Auctions

DENVER, Penn. -- Dan Mackel comes by his passion for antique guns honestly. 

“My adopted grandparents owned a very fine Kentucky rifle collection, and my grandmother, Edith G Cooper Wagner, wrote a book about it in 1977 titled The Kentucky Rifle and Me," Mackel said. "When I was a boy, my dad, Arlen Mackel, would take me to gun shows and to visit friends’ collections. I always paid attention.”

Dan Mackel, Morphy Auctions

Dan Mackel, Morphy Auctions

Mackel will have ample opportunity to share what he learned through the years after being appointed firearms specialist at Morphy Auctions, founder and president of Morphy Auctions, Dan Morphy, announced.

A self-described “extreme history buff,” Mackel studied geology at Penn State, graduating in 1991 with a BS degree in Earth and Mineral Sciences. For many years he lived and worked on the family’s dairy farm but also operated French Creek Arms, an antique firearms shop in Meadville, Pennsylvania. “It started out as a hobby, then became a professional business,” said Mackel, who has a federal firearms license.

Formerly a consultant to Morphy’s, Mackel joins the formidable team of experts that produces the company’s Firearms, Edged Weapons, Armor and Militaria sales year round. In his new position, Mackel is tasked with cataloging double-barrel shotguns, Kentucky rifles, militaria, and a category for which he has recently developed a great passion: British muskets. He will also assist in bringing in new inventory. 

“When Dan Mackel was a part-time member of our team," Morphy said, "we realized very quickly that his knowledge and expertise were a ‘must have’ for our company full-time. We’re excited that he is now a full-time member of our outstanding firearms team. Without a doubt, he will be a valuable asset to our operation.” 

To contact Mackel, call 877-968-8880 or email Visit Morphy’s online at

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