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Soda fountain collectibles in spotlight at Ice Screamers convention

Ice cream memorabilia collectors gathering in Reading, Pennsylvania, for convention July 26-28, 2018.

The Ice Screamers is an organization that focuses on ice cream parlor and soda fountain collectibles. The group is holding its 36th annual convention at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Reading, Pennsylvania, July 26-28, 2018. With ice cream holding a special place in American culture, the Ice Screamers focus on the nostalgia and history of one of the nation's most favored treats.

What you'll find at the Ice Screamers Convention

Display tables and exhibits of authentic ice cream memorabilia will fascinate those in attendance. The convention always features an informative seminar on a variety of subjects for collectors. For those who are interested, this is also an opportunity to see and buy items from our past.

This year, the Ice Screamers convention is celebrating straw holders used on the counters of old soda fountains. Featured guests are Dave Kline, Executive Director of Circulation and Promotions for the Reading Eagle. Also, Jerry Hack, one of the Ice Screamer members who is an expert on straw holders, is attending.

vintage ice cream store sign

Single-sided store sign featuring Pop Jenks scooping ice cream into "Flare-Top" cone and shows package of them behind him. ©1947 Famous Artists Syndicate. 9.5" x 21.5". Courtesy of Hake's Americana

Join the club

If you like ice cream and want to learn more about its history or collect its memorabilia, you would enjoy and benefit from joining the Ice Screamers. Yearly membership is just $20. Members receive a quarterly newsletter, The Ice Screamer, that features articles on a wide variety of ice cream topics. Article subjects include scoops or dippers, ice cream moulds, straw holders, valentines, ephemera, advertising and a vast number of other ice cream and soda fountain collectibles. These collectibles are all highly sought after in today's market.

Joining the club also entitles members to a free ad in the Ice Screamer newsletter and the opportunity to attend the convention. The three-day convention is only open to the public on Friday, July 27, 2018, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The admission fee includes free ice cream.

For more information on joining the Ice Screamers, contact Judy Snyder at 215-343-2676 or, or visit